Thursday, July 23, 2009

Explosion in the Philippines

Business meetings all day today. I did learn that an “Old Catholic” university in the Philippines has asked to come under the Episcopal oversight of the Antiochian Orthodox Church. The Metropolitan of Australia Chrismated 250 of the 800 student earlier this year. There has been an explosion of interest in Orthodoxy in the Philippines. They have had to bring in a celibate priest (archimandrite) just to go around teaching (catechising) the groups that want to become Orthodox. The Metropolitan expects to have 150 churches in the Philippines by 2015. There were no Orthodox Churches in the Philippines just a couple of years ago, and only two right now. May God grant us such an explosion.

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onesimus said...

hello Fr. the antiochian orthodox church really hit it big when she received about 5000 inquirers about last year sending the Greek orthodox church in Paranaque in "panic" mode. Its a wake up call for them to restore zeal for evangelism.