Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Praying for Joey

A friend of mine, Don Hill, has a son, Joey, who has DMD (I don’t even know what that stands for, but it is a degenerative desease of some sort) and is now in ICU.  Here is an excerpt from Don’s e-mail to me.  Please pray for the Hill family.
.... I am not a medical professional so don't bother yourself with correcting my attempt to describe Joey's medical condition.  I am a father, however, that is well aware of the degenerative nature of DMD and that episodes like this are to be expected.  Even so, this time churns into the deepest part of my being as we and many others care for my only son.  I don't know if I am shallow or just naive, but I never ask why.  I do however marvel at who Joey is.  He hasn't walked for 15 years, he has been compromised in nearly every aspect of his physical and social life, he has suffered excruciating pain, he is many times sleepless, he is dependent on us to care for his every need every moment of every day, he can only move his fingers and barely wiggle his feet, he has been afraid, he is usually exhausted, and he now lies in this ICU bed with more tubes and devises than I can describe.  And in all of this he believes in Jesus and he never complains.  He can't run but he walks with God.  He can't sing but he is heard.  He can't kneel but he is humble.  He can't sin like you and me but he seeks forgiveness with all his heart.  And he trusts God more than I ever will.

So I ask for your prayers that God will be merciful.

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