Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Light in the Darkness

[On the farm in Saskatoon] We’ve been looking pretty hard and long at the darkness over the past few days, and if we’re not careful, we’ll forget to lift up our eyes.  God saves those who come to Him, even you and me.  Instead of bringing our broken hearts to God, if we are not careful, we will let the serpent beguile us into figuring it out.  The deceiver will give us plenty to keep our minds busy, there is always more tragedy, anything to keep us from looking up.
There is light in the darkness, a bright sadness that shines in our hearts, if we will lift up our eyes. There is no figuring it out, but there is bright sadness, there is light in darkness.  Lift up your eyes!
(By the way, this is not about my salvation while the world is damned.  The light that saves the world shines from our hearts, if we let it.  If we let ourselves be beguiled, who will shine?)

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Anonymous said...

Fr. Michael,

You never cease to remind me of this and I only begin to grasp with the smallest of steps what this means.

Thank you.