Saturday, December 04, 2010

Power and Humility

"The Lord Jesus Christ visited the earth in power and humility, in order to teach men to love God and man.  Men are powerless in themselves; love for God fills them with power.  Men are proud in themselves; love for mankind fills them with humility.  Love for man comes from love for God.  Humility comes from a sense of divine power.  All love for men without love for God is false, and all other power but that of God is proud and powerless.  But men have chosen a third thing, that is neither love for God nor love for men--they have chosen self-love, and this is a barrier that separates them from God and from men, leaving them completely isolated."

"Loving only himself, a man loves neither God nor his fellow men.  He does not even love the man that is in himself; he loves only his thoughts about himself, his illusions about himself."

St. Nikolai VelimiroĈˆ, from his commentary on Luke 13:10-17 "On the Twisted Body and the Twisted Souls"

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Jake said...

Having looked here:

I see no work titled "On the Twisted Body and the Twisted Souls". Is it perhaps a chapter in one of the books listed?