Thursday, December 01, 2011


Just as a mother sees a child reaching for a toy or a bottle and brings it into the child's reach, so God sees us striving for righteousness (which is out of our reach) and brings it near so that we can attain it.  This is Grace. But Grace does not come to those who do not want it. We tell God that we want Him and His righteousness by striving for it. And in striving we come to know experientially, not as a matter of theology, that righteousness is beyond our reach, and that righteousness is by Grace alone. Righteousness is not a juridical standing, it is the manifestation of God in our life. 

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Pippi said...

Grace came to St. Paul when he didn't want it. Although I suppose you could say that he was striving to please God already in the only way he knew how.

If grace is something we must strive for, and not something God bestows upon us at His will, does that mean it is possible for one to slip out of God's grace?