Thursday, January 03, 2013

Monastery and Orphanage

Here is a link to an award-winning Russian documentary movie (with subtitles in English) about a Ukrainian monastery, Holy Ascension, that also cares for 140 orphaned children, some with serious disabilities.

I am truly amazed by this monastery, not that such a place is possible, but that it does indeed exist.  I am sure it is not perfect--if anyone looked closely, serious problems could be found.  What good is ever done in this world that does not involve the effort of broken human beings?  Nevertheless, because it is seemingly impossible to do uncontaminated good, should we therefore not make an effort?  Certainly not!  And if we make an effort, broken as we are, with God's help sometimes much good comes of it.  Much light shines in the darkness.

Please watch this film (about an hour long) and let it inspire you.  In spite of our weaknesses and brokenness, it is possible to love.  It is possible to be thankful.  It is possible to pray.  It is possible to give.  It is possible to be a little less selfish.

Fr. Michael


Anonymous said...

We watched this movie tonight. It was incredible and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.


Unknown said...

We also watched this movie, on Sunday and, agreed, it was so incredible and inspiring. Thank you so much Father for encouraging us to watch it!