Tuesday, April 16, 2013

From Sunny, Cold Saskatoon

Ah, springtime!
Bonnie and I spent the last week in Saskatoon enjoying springtime on the Canadian prairies. The two feet of snow on the ground, they tell me, is unusual for mid-April.

We spent a warm week indoors with our grandchildren appreciating the sunshine through the large windows.

On the weekend I kept busy conducting a Lenten retreat at St Vincent of Lerins Orthodox Church. Our theme has been "acquiring the Grace of God". Of course the Grace of God is always present, for Grace is just another name for God Himself as He comes to us. The "acquiring" part has to do with preparing ourselves to notice, or attend to the Grace of God.

Our flight leaves soon. More later.


elizabeth said...

Father Bless!

Look forward to hearing more! So glad you were able to see family!

~ Elizabeth

Joan said...

Father Bless, I hope you and Prs. Bonnie arrived home safely!
My favourite quote of the weekend was, "yes I'm a mess , but I'm God's mess!."
God bless you both ....from sunny but cool Saskatchewan