Friday, April 26, 2013

Official Statement on Kidnapping of Metropolitans Paul and John

An Official Statement
April 25, 2013
His Beatitude JOHN X (Yazigi), Greek Orthodox Patriarch, paid a fraternal visit today, April 25, 2013, to His Holiness Mor IGNATIUS ZAKKA I (Iwas), Syriac Orthodox Patriarch, at the Syriac Patriarchal Residence in the village of Atchaneh, Lebanon. Their Beatitudes discussed the latest information concerning the abduction of bishops Paul Yazigi and John Ibrahim. They again denounced the continuous kidnapping of both hierarchs till today, despite all efforts that have been made. On this occasion, Their Beatitudes renewed their call to release both Bishops, and appeal to the International Community to exert all efforts in support of their release, and for the cessation of all kinds of violence in Syria, so that peace prevails through dialogue and a political solution. They both stressed the values of peaceful co-existence, tolerance, and national unity. Finally, Their Beatitudes agreed on taking appropriate steps, in case both hierarchs are not released in the next few hours, hoping that both bishops will be in their respective archdioceses in the coming Palm Sunday, so that we may rejoice with our people in celebrating the feast with them.

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