Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Experiencing Houston

I went to a Houston Astros baseball game.  Foot-long chilli-cheese dog with all the toppings and a Miller-Lite.
They have mounted police officers riding down the middle of the busy downtown streets.  Here's one giving someone a ticket.

Row after row of Church "Supplies"  Anyone need a $300. censer?

The morning Bible studies are led by Bishop Anthony, and they are worth the whole trip.  He has been speaking Prophet, Priest and King theme from creation, through the Old Testament, King David, Christ, and in the Church today.  I have been very encouraged by his talks.  The daily Liturgy has also been prayerful and peaceful.  The big clergy meeting was without fireworks (a gift from above). Tomorrow is the general assembly, then home and no more trips for a long time.  

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